Since most problems in an electrical system are preceded by a change in its thermal characteristics and temperature, a properly trained and experienced thermographer is able to identify and analyze these problems prior to a costly failure occurring.


Thermelec (Qld) technicians can conduct a survey as part of an electrical maintenance plan and pinpoint a potential fault before it turns into a costly failure.


Thermelec (Qld) can assist you in implementing an annual infrared inspection schedule for your electrical or mechanical equipment.


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The benefits of regular infrared inspections as part of an electrical maintenance plan are immense.


They include:

[box type=”bio”] The reduction of disassembling, rebuilding or repairing components which are in good operating condition. Infrared thermography can identify a potential fault if it exists in that component and avoid unnecessary and costly maintenance.[/box] [box type=”bio”] Problems that do exist will be identified quickly, giving time to repair the problem before a failure. In most cases the problem is identified well before the problem becomes critical.[/box] [box type=”bio”] Failure of electrical components could be catastrophic, injuring or killing employees or the public. This is a safety issue and possible litigation could be filed against the company if negligence is proven. Insurance premiums could also be reduced.[/box] [box type=”bio”] With less maintenance on good components and faster repairs of faulty components, electrical maintenance costs are reduced leading to a better bottom line.[/box] [box type=”bio”]The cost of an emergency outage is ten times greater than scheduled electrical maintenance.[/box] [box type=”bio”] More efficient inspections during electrical maintenance. No service interruption is required for infrared inspections.[/box] [box type=”bio”] Proactive electrical maintenance incorporating infrared inspections will reduce outages and the overall cost of operations.[/box]